A brief look at letters to and from Scottish Banks
National Bank of Scotland
The National Bank of Scotland was constituted on 21st March 1825 with an authorised capital of £5,000,000.  Having acqurired Dumbreck's Hotel in St. Andrews Square, Edinburgh the bank opened for business on 30th October 1825.

Dumbreck's Hotel 1825

The Board of Directors was as follows.

The Right Hon, The Lord Provost, Alexander Henderson of Press (Chairman),
James Reoch, Merchant, Leith,
William Gilchrist, Merchant, Edinburgh,
Colin McNab, Great King Street, Edinburgh,
William Patison, Merchant, Edinburgh,
Adam Anderson, Merchant, Edinburgh,
Richard Alexander, Merchant, Edinburgh,
George Young, Merchant, Leith,
Alexander Dudgeon, Leith Mount,
George Carstairs, Merchant, Leith,
Gilbert L. Finlay, W.S., Edinburgh,
John Macfie, Merchant, Leith,
William Robertson, Great King Street, Edinburgh,
James Auchinleck Cheyne, W.S. and Accountant, Edinburgh and
John Anderson, Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh.

From the outset the Bank adopted a policy of expansion through a branch network.  This was a common policy of banks, albeit to various degrees and to various levels of success, as it was common for lending to be conducted at Head Office with the branches primarily attracting deposits which could be lent at Head Office.

On 5th Augsut 1831 the Bank was granted its Royal Charter of Incorporation whuch placed it on the same footing as the older Scottish banks.

In 1864 the National Bank of Scotland purchased premises at 21Finch Lane, London and become the first Scottish Bank to opena London branch.

National Bank of Scotland amalgamated with Commercial Bank of Scotland (established 1810), to form National Commercial Bank of Scotland, in 1959.

In 1969, National Commercial Bank of Scotland amalgamated with The Royal Bank of Scotland to form The Royal Bank of Scotland Ltd.

The following officials have been identified from letters in the collection.  Where possible notes have been added.

Patrick Borthwick, Manager.
George Crosbie, Secretary.  Per 1834 letter to Perkins Bacon & Petch.  At the time of the letter the Manager of the National Bank of Scotland was Patrick Borthwick with George Crosble the Bank's Secretary.  Borthwick died in 1837 and was succeeded by George Crosbie who carried out the position as Manager until 1846 when he retired.

Mungo Ponton, Secretary.  Per 1843 and 1844 letters to Perkins, Bacon & Petch.

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